We deliver electricity meters and systems for remote meter reading and consumption management.

Electricity meters

We implement WEB-based software solutions for remote meter reading and monitoring.

Software solutions

We develop and deliver industrial communication equipment, converters, communication modules.

Communication equipment

We delivers stationary and portable standard equipment for testing electricity meters, measuring transformers and MCBs.

Standard equipment

We perform repairs of electricity meters, reference and measuring equipment, communication devices.


Single-phase and three-phase electricity meters

We offer wide range of single-phase and three-phase electricity meters with MID certification and/or type approval, which are intended for household and industry usage.

Software solutions for remote meter reading

We implement WEB-based software solutions for remote meter reading and monitoring, which are suitable for industrial users, office buildings, shopping centers and household consumers.

Communication converters, controllers and modems

We design and produce wide range of communication protocol converters, controllers and modems.

Measuring and specialized reference equipment

We supply various testing instruments for measurement of environmental parameters and electrical quantities, as well as for analysis of power quality and electrical installations and machines safety, etc.

About Frodexim

Frodexim company was established in 1990. Its main activity fields are:
   • delivery of electricity meters, remote meter reading systems;
   • development of various software solutions for planning and optimization of electric energy;
   • production of communication devices;
   • delivery of testing and reference equipment, instrument transformers and over-voltage protections.
Since its foundation Frodexim has delivered more than 1.1 million electricity meters on Bulgarian market and has fulfilled great number of projects related to the implementation of remote electricity meter reading systems. The developed and produced by Frodexim modems and converters are successfully sold in Bulgaria as well as abroad. We are one of the leading suppliers in Bulgaria of reference and calibration equipment used for electricity meter testing, as well as various types of other measuring instruments. For the offered products and solutions, the company relies on a team of highly qualified consultants and maintains its own service.

Electricity meters

Portable meter test systems

Communication equipment


Measurement equipment

Surge protection

About Frodexim

Frodexim LLC is a private commercial and engineering company, working in the filed of energetics.Електромер ISKRAEMECO MT372

Since its foundation in 1990, Frodexim's mission is to offer and implement high-technology solutions and products, manufactured by well-known international suppliers, offering competitive prices as well as competent engineering services and maintenance.

The team is formed by highly qualified specialists who have long-term experience in design, equipment deliveries, construction and maintenance of electric power facilities.

Еталонна апаратура ZERAFrodexim's commercial activities are specialized in deliveries of low-voltage and middle-voltage equipment, measuring, testing and standard instruments, produced by leading companies in this filed.

Frodexim's powerful engineering potential is the basis of development and production of new hardware and software, which are applicable to the international standards and regulations. These products are used for development of automated systems for remote meter reading with options for control of the the electricity network connectivity.

In order to justify its customers' confidence and modern market's demands, Frodexim Ltd. implemented and successfully maintain quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2008.